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If Pickled Okra’s special brand of Americana music could be described with words, you might call it “old-school, porch-settin’, singin' into a can-style bluegrass (with a twist)”. If you ask one of the members of the band they’ll tell you it's “ham and cheese grass”. Either way this group made up of two married couples (all characters in their own right), is undeniably charming and entertaining - not to mention pretty darn talented. Yes they know their bluegrass licks and aren’t afraid to show ‘em off, but their music is full of ideas borrowed from other genres, like irish fiddlers, jazzy delta blues, rock, reggae and funk as well, for a sound that is timeless yet modern in it's own quirky way. It’s kind of like stepping back in time, but with indoor plumbing.

They have a special appeal, partly because they dole out “Pickled” versions of pop/rock tunes (by the likes of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Bob Marley, to name a few), but also because of their playful antics, single mic choreography, dressing in early appalachian finery, and being, as one fan put it, “like raw milk - no BHT”. They’ve gained recognition in the Pacific Northwest and beyond for their performances, having appeared at such venues as....
 Always eager to play, they also keep busy doing weddings, farm parties, corporate and city events, pubs, cafes, and farmer’s markets. They love to perform, and no matter how small or big the venue, they always make folks feel like they’re guests right there on the front porch of an old mountain cabin.

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Pickle log...

Summer is winding down… 

But what a glorious one it has been! We played at 5 weddings (with 5 more to go this fall) attended 13 music festivals and performed on stage at 7 of those festivals (8 if you include Wintergrass), and while the majority of our gigs this summer were in Washington state we also managed to make it to 5 other states as well; Hawaii, Montana, Oregon, Massachusetts and Maine. If there were ever a time when Pickled… Read more

So much music so little time! 

Calendar :: We've been playing music nonstop and hardly taking a minute to catch up on things like updating our website but... here ya go Lets see there was ... -- Todd's Dad's Birthday celebration in Boston Happy Birthday Cornell! -- Paisley's fiftieth birthday party in Montana - for the fourth of July (some excellent jamming with new and old friends there!) -- The week leading up… Read more

Some great feedback emails coming in this summer - thought I'd share a couple 

Thank you for taking the time to check in with us!....................................... "VERY cool website; it conveys the merits of your band effectively to those of us with ears to hear. ... people who really care about music should love this. The busking at Saturday Market clip is excellent. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and that clip proves… Read more

Busking Season is here! 

Our new friend John Hart of New Folk Radio fame invited us down to Portland to try out the farmers market busking in his neck of the woods... He just posted this awesome video he made of us --- http://youtu.be/mm5UBljQG4A  it's pretty classic Pickled Okra ... THANKS JOHN!!! check out his cool website http://www.DesktopConcerts.com  to see some of his other interviews...

Thanks to all of you- Get on the Calendar! 

Thanks to all of you who can out to see us in 2012 - It was amazing year! In Feb we had our 1st multi state tour (6 states over the course of a month). In March we played on Pepper Proud's first CD. In April we had our first Karaokegrass. In May Paisley lost her dear mother Ruby Erck not the first death in her life but the first loss of a parent - not fun. In June we enjoyed our 2nd… Read more

We played Brandi Carlile's wedding! 

Hi! Teresa here.....Brandi's Mom! I cannot thank you all enough for making the wedding such an amazing nite! You were absolutely WONDERFUL! So gracious , Fun , and extremely talented! You are by far one of the most talented groups I have EVER seen! Brandi told me you were great , but I could not have imagined just HOW great! We were completely blown away at your talent! You made the evening soooo Fun and memorable!!! We will Never forget it!! Thank You! ~ Thank You!

Pickled Okra will be performing at Wintergrass this year! 

Wintergrass 2013 Lineup The Seldom Scene The David Grisman Sextet Peter Rowan and the Travelin’ McCourys California Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands Della Mae The Cleverlys Sarah Jarosz 18 South Hills to Holler Mollie O'Brien Spinney Brothers Matuto Pert Near Sandstone Darol Anger and the Furies The Kenny and Amanda Smith Band The Deadly Gentlemen  and ---->  PICKLED OKRA!!!!

California Bluegrass Association says... 

Brenda over at the CBA wrote a nice article about us - and nestled it right in between her thoughts about David Grisman and  Wintergrass favorites "Red Wine". Thanks Brenda! Click the image below to enlarge it so you can read it...

"Sounds Like Chicken" -- the Featured Record of the week in London! 

Barry Everitt from House of Mercy Radio show in London says... "Our Record of the week comes from Seattle Washington:  A husband and wife team.  Pickled Okra's latest recording 'Sounds Like Chicken' is a unique twist on bluegrass and roots music.  Along with banjo picker Tony Markey, we have Mrs. Paisley Gray on stand up bass & husband Todd Gray on mandolin.… Read more
Review from David Innes of the UK based magazine:

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Sounds Like Chicken

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